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Kick Marketing Success up a notch:

Prompt Innovations Inc. kicks marketing success up a notch by going where the customers are and delivering personalized service presentations that resonate with their technology needs. We know how to build loyalty among our customers that keeps them coming back to us.

Effective Model:

Our client helps us efficiently expand our market reach, which helps us reach new audiences and increase our business. Our team specializes in technological solutions that solve our customer's urgent needs. We do a deep dive into the literature so you become an expert on the solutions you're going to offer to our customers. Our flexible, swift approach means valuable results for you.

Our growth opportunities give you the chance to learn essential skills, acquire invaluable experience in marketing, and unlock your full potential.

  • Unbeatable Industry Knowledge


    Unbeatable Industry Knowledge


    We are experts in what we do, and it shows. Our accomplishments speak to our capability to identify ideal customer bases and target them with speed.

  • Instinct and Enthusiasm


    Instinct and Enthusiasm


    Everyone at Prompt Innovations Inc. is motivated to effectively market the best in technology services. We focus our energies on reaching the right customers at the right time for maximum outcomes.

  • Swift to Market Approach


    Swift to Market Approach


    Because we have vast industry knowledge, we can immediately customize our intelligent one-on-one marketing model and launch it in the most promising market spaces to quickly produce rewards.

  • Excellent Conversations, More Conversions


    Excellent Conversations, More Conversions


    Prompt Innovations Inc. is simple. We are your channel for qualified customers who desire the latest technology. Our commitment to professionalism means you and your customers will benefit from our skill and quality every step of the way.

Prompt Innovations offers Management, Leadership Training, Entry-Level Job Opportunities and more across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Valley Stream, Garden City, Long Beach, Uniondale, Freeport, Amityville, Melville, Huntington, Northport, Commack, Brentwood, Bay Shore, Westbury, New York and the surrounding areas.


  • "Great work environment; professional but fun at the same time. Management takes time to work distantly with you to help with your progression to achieve your personal goals."

  • "Super proud of what we have built here at Prompt Innovations, Inc. An amazing team that continues to motivate me to progress and out peak my peak. VERY GOAL ORIENTED."

  • "Very proactive and super fun team the leaders and managers are always willing to help u with anything even on the field"

  • "Best place I've ever worked at. very supportive environment. Management really goes above and beyond to help get us to the next level."

  • "It's a great place to work, high on energy and motivation! The manager is a great leader who is leading the team to success!"

  • Challenging job but extremely rewarding. Very large amount of support in the work place

  • Great team, friendly and centered in you as an individual to help you grow

  • High energy office with motivated, like-minded individuals.

  • Wonderful staff ,excellent work environment

  • Very fortunate to be able to call Prompt Innovations my home. The staff is extremely family oriented and continues to push me every single day. I actually enjoy coming into work, which is very hard to find now in day.

  • Prompt innovation is a great company ran by an amazing manager. The company offers rapid growth based on work ethic, within a year you can become a manager. This company is an amazing opportunity for those who want to be their own boss and manage their own business.